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tax write-offs for turo

Top Tax Write-offs for Turo Rental Car Company

Tax, Uncategorized - Sean Standberry - June 21, 2021

So there’s a new investing and business trend out there, and it’s to start a rental car company with Turo. And there…

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tax refund delays

New Update: Tax Refund Delays Due to Fraud!

Tax - Krystal - June 19, 2021

As many of you know, the IRS has been delayed in processing 2020 tax refunds. Covid-19 and the IRS shutdown are largely…

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child tax credit portal update

Child Tax Credit Portal Update & New Non-Filer Sign Up Tool (2021)

Tax - Sean Standberry - June 18, 2021

So, in one of our previous posts, we were getting a lot of questions if you can get the child tax credit…

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real estate depreciation

Real Estate Depreciation Explained | The #1 Tax Write Off for Real Estate Investors!

Tax - Krystal - June 16, 2021

So what is the #1 tax write-off for real estate investors? No, it’s not repairs, maintenance, or real estate taxes. And it’s…

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unemployment tax refund

Unemployment Tax Refund: $169 Million Dollars Sent This Week

Tax - Krystal - June 11, 2021

New IRS Unemployment Tax Refund Update If you, or anyone you know, paid any taxes on unemployment last year, read on because…

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cryptocurrency tax loophole

The Cryptocurrency Tax Loophole No One Is Talking About

Tax - Keran Smith - June 9, 2021

We think it’s clear by now that the prices of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can have major swings. It wasn’t too long ago…

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how to avoid paying taxes

10 Tips on How To Avoid Paying Taxes in 2022 Legally

Tax - Sean Standberry - June 8, 2021

We have 10 tips on how you can avoid paying taxes. Because for most people, paying taxes is such a drag, annoying,…

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amended tax return

Amended Tax Return: How to File Form 1040-X Step-by-Step

Tax - Keran Smith - June 2, 2021

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got an IRS letter

Got an IRS Letter? Here’s What to Do

Tax - Krystal - May 28, 2021

Picture this… It’s the end of the week and it’s a beautiful day outside. You go to check the mail as usual.…

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inflation tax

Inflation Tax: The Hidden Threat to Your Money in 2021

Tax - Sean Standberry - May 26, 2021

Quick Inflation Tax Explanation So new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that inflation is skyrocketing. The consumer price index…

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