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We Help Companies Grow by Saving Time and Money With The Best CFO Services Available

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LYFE Accounting offers high-quality CFO Consulting Services that aims to help small businesses make smart financial decisions. Amid the covid-19 pandemic, cash flow might be tough and difficult to maintain so the idea is to help every small business make business decisions that results in growth and development over time. Our consulting firm is made up of experts that understand everything about financials. We will make use of the available data to help you with financial projections, budget development, and creating strategic planning.

Why Does Your Small Business Need CFO Consulting Services?

CFO Consulting is Important in Managing Financial Actions of Business

Managing the financial aspect of your business can be quite a challenge. You need professional services from CFO consulting services to cover all the financial actions involved in a small business. This includes assessing financial performance, benchmarking the business to industry standards and making revenue-producing business plans. A part-time CFO may be able to provide you with a few ideas on these, but they will not be focused on your business and tend to lack the skill sets to help you fully.

LYFE Accounting is a full-service accounting firm, consisting of team members that are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to conduct strategic planning so you can acquire funding and constant cash flow to your business. Our consulting firm ensures a wide and diverse CFO services so you can assess, monitor and be aware of the financial health of your small business.

Expert Accounting.

To provide CFO consulting services, it requires actual experts and individuals who can take over internal controls. After all, it involves the management of all the financial actions of a small business which is very crucial.

LYFE Accounting is committed to provide professional services to maintain our expert level and to exceed the expectations of our clients. We are proven to provide high-quality CFO services with the extensive knowledge and experience our team members acquired over the years.

Combined Experience Of The LYFE Team

30+ Years

Education Level Of The

CPA | MPA | B.A.

Trusted Accounting

If your small business is looking to expand and achieve consistent cash flow, you need to work with an accounting firm that you can trust. LYFE Accounting strongly believes that trust is a very important factor when it comes to success. It’s a two-way relationship hence trust is very important. We strive hard to be transparent in everything we do most especially when we conduct financial reporting.

Right now, our clients continue to increase as they discover how we can be trusted through our accounting skills and combined decades of experience. Moreover, our clients trust us because of one factor that you will not find elsewhere: the high level of effort that we give for every client.

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How Would You  Benefit   From LYFE Accounting’s CFO Services?

Growth and Development

If you are a small business that just started, you don’t necessarily need a management team or a full-time cfo right away. You can use our CFO consulting services, and even gain more financial advice than from an in-house cfo. LYFE accounting focuses on the growth and development of your business so you can secure a great spot in your industry. We offer numerous accounting services and one of our top expertise is to provide CFO services.

Replace An Existing CFO (That Is Expensive!)

One of the best benefits of getting CFO services is the low-cost compared to that of a full-time CFO. As a business owner, you know that you can allocate the extra cost that you will save to other aspects of your business that need improvement. When you get CFO consulting services from us, you save money, time and get more opportunities to grow your business.

Every Financial Detail Will Be Covered

Your business deserves the best financial monitoring and financial reporting. It can only happen if all your financial details are organized and kept in order. LYFE Accounting provides the best financial services so you can make the smartest business decisions. We ensure to cover all financial details of your business from the smallest detail to the most crucial. Our expert team members are trained to perform technical accounting with due diligence.

Secure Your Financial Future Starting Today

Expert CFO Consulting Services

 Reasons Why You Need  LYFE Accounting Right Now

We Are The Leading CFO Services Provider

Our team is run and directed by Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) which is the highest certification that can be attained in the field of accounting. This serves as a guarantee that our CFO consultant services are one of the best ones available. You will not have anything to worry about when it comes to tax details, financial planning and strategic planning. With our CFO consulting services, you can make sound business decisions and can focus your energy and attention on other aspects of your business that need attention.

We Help Small Businesses Succeed

LYFE Accounting is specifically designed and created to help small businesses. Our holistic approach makes our CFO consulting services genuinely unique. Our extensive experience in helping small businesses succeed makes us 100% capable and trusted. Our team puts their best foot forward in educating our clients with reports and financial statements to improve a small business presently and for the future.

Unparalleled Customer Service

One of our primary goals is to have a world-class customer service. We are capable of providing quick and accurate strategic and technical support as needed. We even help with product pricing, setting of marketing budget and understanding your overhead costs. Our aim is to be always available when you need us, or when there is an unclear situation for you.

Our CFO Consulting Services Process

Initial Meeting

Initial Meeting

This is your initial consultation with the CFO consultant who will be assigned to your account. At this point, the current financial data of your small business is going to be accessed and assessed.

Benchmark Creation and Development

Benchmark Creation and Development

Part of our CFO consultant services is to create as well as develop benchmarks for you. These will be based on your goals, prior financial performance, and prevailing industry conditions.

Assessment Report

Assessment Report

At this point, the CFO whom we assigned to you has assessed your financial status. Your CFO will report an actual financial performance. This performance is relative to the benchmarks that have been set and will be on an ongoing basis.

Hundreds of Small Businesses  Choose LYFE 

“I needed help filing my businesses taxes after my last accountant moved. I did a quick Google search and found LYFE Accounting. After meeting with them, I was shocked to find out my business qualified for $3,500 in tax credits. Thanks to LYFE Accounting, I was able to earn more tax money this year.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Your CFO Consulting Services Help My Business?

Our CFO Consulting services are outsourced or third-party services that perform the usual responsibilities of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The main benefit of using outsourced CFO consulting services is that small businesses can enjoy high-quality financial oversight while minimizing the cost. It’s undoubtedly minimal when you compare it to hiring a full-time CFO. Through our services, you will be able to use your company’s prior accounting data to chart your business’s future.

Why Choose LYFE Accounting CFO Consulting Services?

Our CFO consulting services will take away the stress that is usually present when you make financial decisions. Managing your finances is no joke especially when you do not have the right knowledge and tools. LYFE accounting handles business finances, budgeting, product pricing and understanding your business’ financial health. We are passionate and committed to be with you in every step of the way until we reach your goals.

Is Bookkeeping a Part of Your CFO Consulting Services?

The accounting and bookkeeping services that we offer are standalone services. These are services that focus on reporting your historical data. Bookkeeping is all about accounting before the performance. CFO consulting services, on the other hand, is an add-on service. What it does is analyze historical information and then provide future projections based on that data. It also aims to help you make the best financial decisions that will result in your small business growth.

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“My husband and I were so thankful to find LYFE Accounting and Krystal! This was our first year filing taxes for our business and they made everything so easy, fast and secure for us. We appreciate their knowledge and fast responses that enabled us to get a great return and really early! Thank you- we highly recommend!”

– A. Horgan