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Our Business Bookkeeping Services Help Companies Save Time to Focus on Growth. 

A key element in starting and growing any business, is bookkeeping. It is what differentiates a hobby from a business. The insight derived from bookkeeping and accounting helps business owners make profitable decisions in order to grow. Our professional bookkeeping services will help your small business produce useful, accurate data on a monthly basis.

Why Does Your Small Business Need Bookkeeping Services?

Bookkeeping Is Essential To Growing Your Small Business.

Accounting is all about using financial data to drive decision making. This financial data is prepared through bookkeeping services. Bookkeeping is the process of tracking your business assets, liabilities, income and expenses to help you make smart, informed business decisions. This is an ongoing process that should be performed at least monthly. To save time and the headache associated with this, it is smart to invest in bookkeeping services for your small business.

Expert Accounting.

Our team is run and directed by Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) which is the highest level of certification you can attain in accounting. Guaranteeing you are in good hands when it comes to your accounting and bookkeeping. Don’t trust your books with someone who is not certified!

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We are trusted by numerous small businesses and the number continues to grow today. Our team’s experience and efforts extends beyond business bookkeeping which is just one of many reasons our clients trust our services.

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Growth Focused Small Business Bookeeping Services

Small Business Bookkeeping Services

We help small businesses of all shapes and sizes with their accounting.


An asset is anything of value that can be converted into cash or income. Examples of business assets are cash, inventory or equipment. Assets are found on your company’s balance sheet and listed first. 


Liabilites are amounts owed. Liabilities can either be short-term (due within 12 months) or long-term (due beyond 12 months). Interest is usually assessed on all liabilities which should also be recorded in the books. Liabilities are found under the assets on the balance sheet.


Equity is ownership in the business. Many different factors influence equity such contributions, distributions, and retained earnings. Equity is the last item listed on the balance sheet.


Revenue is income earned through the sale of products or services. Revenue is listed first on the profit and loss statement. Every business must have revenue to succeed.


Expenses are costs incurred. Expenses are necessary to run a business. However, should be monitored closely. Business expenses are found under revenue on the profit and loss statement.

Financial Statements

Financial statements are records of the financial activities of a business. This information is relevant and impactful to business owners. Financials are structured is an easy-to-understand way to help you make great business decisions.

Every Dollar Makes Sense

You deserve to have complete control and understanding of your finances. We help you do just that. 

Our Small Business Bookkeeping Process:

  • Meet with your Bookkeeper

    Initial consultation to access your accounting situation and plan accordingly

  • Data Entry

    We connect your financial accounts to your bookkeeping software

  • Reconciliation

    Bookkeeper will reconcile your account for accuracy

  • LYFE Review

    Accountant will review books after bookkeeper's reconciliation

  • Reporting

    We prepare your financial statements including the balance sheet and profit and loss statement

It’s Accrual World – We Make It Easy For You

Three Reasons To Love LYFE Accounting

Certified Bookkeeper

We will assign a dedicated bookkeeper to work with your small business. You can email your bookkeeper at any time with questions or schedule phone consultations to discuss your financials further.

Tax-Ready Financial Statements

Our bookkeeping services for small businesses produce tax-ready financial statements. To file your small business tax return, you must include your tax-basis income statement and balance sheet. Our certified bookkeepers will make sure you are equipped.

Revenue & Expense Management

Our small business bookkeepers will help you keep track of your revenue and expenses. We can help you setup merchant services and payment processes to collect payments. We can also help manage your expenses and pay your bills in a way that is simple and painless for you.

Hundreds of Small Businesses Choose LYFE

My experience with LYFE Accounting was nothing short of amazing. Krystal is professional, detail oriented, and truly cares about her clients. I will continue to use LYFE Accounting for all of my personal and business tax needs as well for my business bookkeeping needs.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Software Do You Use For Bookkeeping?

Our bookkeeping services integrate with the major small business bookkeeping software. This includes QuickBooks, Xero, and Freshbooks. If your small business uses a different software, contact us and we can confirm if we support your software with our bookkeeping services.

How Much Does Your Bookkeeping Services Cost?

Our pricing for bookkeeping services are customized to the needs of our clients. A general range for starting prices are $250-$700/month. This price may increase based on the number of bank accounts, transactions, and additional services that may need to be performed on your account. Contact us to get a custom quote today.

Does Your Bookkeeping Service Include Consultation With A CPA?

Our bookkeeping service was designed by CPA’s, but you will communicate primarily with a certified bookkeeper. This person has been trained in bookkeeping and also has sufficient experience to guide you. If you require a CPA, please view our CPA services.

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“My husband and I were so thankful to find LYFE Accounting and Krystal! This was our first year filing taxes for our business and they made everything so easy, fast and secure for us. We appreciate their knowledge and fast responses that enabled us to get a great return and really early! Thank you- we highly recommend!”

–  A. Horgan

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