Small Business  CFO Services 

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We Help Small Businesses Make Key Financial Decisions

Small Business  CFO Services 

Accounting and finance is the language of business. You cannot make sound decisions without it. If you do, you risk making ill-advised decisions that can severely damage your company. Our CFO services help small businesses make forward-thinking financial decisions. We use accounting data to help our clients develop budgets, financial projections, and strategic plans to grow their business.

Why Does Your Small Business Need CFO Services?

CFO Services Are Essential To Growing Your Small Business.

If you are unable to access the financial performance of your business, benchmark it to industry standards, or make revenue-producing decisions, you need CFO services. If you do not have a budget, or routinely analyze variances in your budget versus actual performance, you need CFO services. If you need help preparing a financial forecasts to shareholders or lenders to acquire funding, you need CFO services. If you need help making strategic decisions, such as investing into new activities to drive business growth, you need CFO services. Our CFO services will help you assess the financial health of your business to help you make decisions to accomplish your primary goals.

Stay on Top of of Your Business Finances

Quality Small Business CFO Services

Small Business CFO Services

Features of our CFO Services for Small Businesses:

Industry-Specific Benchmarks

Many small businesses do not know how to interpret their financial performance. One way to do this is to benchmark your financial data against what is common in your industry. Our CFO Services include proprietary software to benchmark your data to industry standards.

Budgeting & Variance Analysis 

With our CFO services, you will receive support in developing your budget and tracking the performance of your budget on an ongoing basis. Our CFO service will compare your actual performance to your budget, and highlight areas in which you can improve your profitability.

Business Performance Review

Our CFO’s will routinely assess the performance of your business and grade your financial health. You will receive comprehensive diagnostic reports that include key trends, ratios, and other financial data that is relevant to the operations of your business.


Most business services are not proactive about saving business owners in taxes. To do this, a small business CFO would need think ahead and effectively tax plan. Our CFO service include keeping your business compliant and saving you the most on taxes. 

Financial Statements

Financial statements are necessary in order to grow your business. Unfortunately, not every business owner knows how to read and interpret them. Our CFOs will help you understand your financial statements and how to use them to make decisions.


The goal for every business owner is to grow their business. In order to grow, you need resources and insight to make the best decisions possible. Our CFOs will provide you with tips and tools to help you scale your business. 

Work with a CFO you can trust.

“Krystal has been a spectactular person to have by my side to help me make the right decisions and the financial implications of those decisions” 

– Denise Powers, CEO of Fountainhead

Expert Accounting.

Our team is run and directed by Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) which is the highest level of certification you can attain in accounting. Guaranteeing you are in good hands when it comes to your financial needs. 

Combined Experience of The LYFE Team

30+ Years

Education Level of The

CPA | MPA | B.A.

Trusted Accounting.

We are trusted by numerous small businesses and the number continues to grow today. Our team’s experience and efforts extends beyond business accounting which is just one of many reasons our clients trust our services.

Hundreds of Small Businesses Served

And growing
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Your Numbers are in Good Hands

Every Dollar Makes Sense

You deserve to get every dollar that is rightfully yours. We help you do just that. 

Our Small Business CFO Process:

  • Meet with your CFO

    Initial consultation to access your current business' financial data.

  • Develop Benchmarks

    CFO will develop a budget and benchmarks based on your goals, prior financial performance, and industry conditions.

  • Performance Review

    CFO will assess and report actual financial performance relative to the benchmarks set on an ongoing basis.

  • Strategy Planning

    CFO will help you develop strategic goals and financials plans to help you achieve them.

  • Monitor and Evaluate Strategy

    CFO will provide ongoing support including evaluation of current strategy (revising as needed), monthly meetings, phone assistance, and planning.

It’s Accrual World – We Make It Easy For You

Three Reasons To Love LYFE Accounting

Certified Public Accountants

Our team is run and directed by Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) which is the highest level of certification you can attain in accounting. Guaranteeing you are in good hands when it comes to tax and financial planning. Don’t trust your business with someone who is not certified!

Small Business Success

Our holistic approach and specificity to small businesses is what makes our CFO services unique. We use our financial backgrounds and small business experience to help you with issues like pricing your products, setting your marketing budget, and understanding overhead costs.

A+ Customer Service

Our goal is to have the best customer service team, ready to give strategic and technical support when needed. We strive to educate our clients by providing more than just reports, but helpful planning tools for the future.

Hundreds of Small Businesses Choose LYFE

“My experience with LYFE Accounting was nothing short of amazing. Krystal is professional, detail oriented, and truly cares about her clients. I will continue to use LYFE Accounting for all of my personal and business tax needs as well for my business bookkeeping needs.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Your CFO Services Include Bookkeeping?

Our accounting and bookkeeping services is a standalone service that focuses on reporting on historical data. Our CFO services is an add-on service that analyzes historical data and provides future projections based on it. The purpose of the CFO service is to act as a finance function for your small business, whereas bookkeeping is focused on accounting prior performance. When used together, your small business when receive complete financial guidance to drive decision-making.

What Exactly Are CFO Services?

Outsourced CFO services are third-party services that reflect the typical responsibilities of a CFO, or chief financial officer. The benefits of using outsourced CFO services is that it provides small businesses with quality financial oversight at the fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time CFO. Accounting services, such as bookkeeping, help you report prior financial data. CFO services, on the other hand, help you use prior accounting data to forecast the future.

Why Use Outsourced CFO Services?

Our outsourced CFO services will eliminate the stress associated with making financial decisions. If you struggle with managing your business finances, pricing your products, budgeting, or simply understanding the financial health of your business, you need outsourced CFO Services.

Outsourced CFO services will provide you with financial assistance at the fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house CFO or employee. The average CFO makes over $100,000/year, and our outsourced CFO services may cost you as little as $400/month. If you are a small business and need affordable guidance, outsourced CFO services is your best option.

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Client Testimonial

“My husband and I were so thankful to find LYFE Accounting and Krystal! This was our first year filing taxes for our business and they made everything so easy, fast and secure for us. We appreciate their knowledge and fast responses that enabled us to get a great return and really early! Thank you- we highly recommend!”

–  A. Horgan

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