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We Help Small Businesses Grow and Develop Through Financial Planning

Reliable  CFO Services 

LYFE Accounting offers one of the leading CFO services in the industry. Our main goal is to make sure that small businesses are able to make smart and favorable financial decisions. The decisions should result in real growth and development that leads to success.

We have a team that is made up of actual experts. They are Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), certified bookkeepers, tax preparers, and other experts. They know everything about financials and how to make it work for any business and help you create the right business plan. So when you choose to work with us, you can be confident that we can help you. Whether it is creating strategic plans, financial projections, or budget development- realizing all your goals is going to be within reach.

Why Does Your Small Business Need the Help of a Chief Financial Officer?

CFO Services is Crucial in Making Sure You Have Consistent Cash Flow

Financial management is one of the more challenging aspects of every business. A proper cash flow management can lead the way towards the most desired results. On the other hand, mismanaging finances will almost always lead to disaster. Perhaps even more so for small businesses. After all, a small business does not have the same resources that a large one possesses. The margin for mistakes is therefore much slimmer. So if you are a small business owner, you want the best to help you with your finances. And that is why it specifically requires the best CFO services.

A CFO involves all the financial actions of a business. One of the best examples of CFO services is accessing financial performance. Another is benchmarking your business to industry standards. If you still want to add to that, there is also making revenue producing decisions. There is more and this is a testament to how important CFO services are to your future.

Our team is both qualified and capable. We are run and directed by Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). That is the highest certification possible in the field of accounting. Also part of our team are certified bookkeepers, tax preparers, and more. Bottom line, LYFE Accounting is indeed a full service accounting service team.

Expert Accounting.

CFO services require experts for it to be done right. A CFO handles most if not all the financial aspects of a business, so you can see why. You can see the responsibilities of a CFO are quite complicated and comprehensive. As we mentioned above, we are run and directed by CPAs. And since you are going to outsource your CFO services, you might as well work with one of the best around.

As a third party CFO services provider, we know how to guide small businesses to the top. Each of our team members are equipped with all the tools and knowledge required. We will take all the technical complexities off your hands and deal with it ourselves. Meanwhile, you can use your new free time to work and improve other areas of your business.

Combined Experience Of The LYFE Team

30+ Years

Education Level Of The

CPA | MPA | B.A.

Trusted Accounting

You only want to work with agencies and professionals that you trust. Entrusting your financial analysis to a third party is not an easy decision to make. So it would definitely help if you already trust the agency that you are going to hire for your CFO services. And if you trust them enough, you could turn your attention to other areas of your small business. For example, your marketing strategies might need some work. Or better yet, you could work on improving your products and main services.

As we work with more clients, our reputation for providing excellent service continues to grow. And that is how the number of clients that trust us continue to increase. Our hope is that it continues to grow as we continue showcasing our skills, experience, and effort.

Hundreds Of Small Businesses Served

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Stay On Top of Your Financials Through Our Professional CFO Services

Credible Small Business CFO Solutions

LYFE Accounting is the Leading Trusted CPA Firm for Small Businesses

Benefits Of Our CFO Services

These are the features that make us one of the leading provider of CFO services for small businesses:

Budget Performance Tracking

Some small businesses might need help with their budget. That is a major feature of our CFO services. And part of that is tracking the performance of the budget regularly. We are also going to compare your budget to your company’s actual performance. And then our team will then highlight the areas where you can improve your profitability.

Interpret Your Financial Performance

Interpreting your financial performance is a crucial part of your finances. But you also need to accept the fact that it can be quite complicated. One of the ways to do it is to benchmark the financial data against what is common throughout the industry. We will help you with this to make sure you are up to standard. Part of our service is proprietary software that will help benchmark your data to industry standards.

Proactive By Being Compliant

Some forward thinking and effective tax planning is required so business services can save taxes for business owners. And that’s exactly what our CFO services provide for you. We are always proactive and in turn you will always be compliant. Best of all, we can help you save on taxes.

Prepare Your Financial Statements

A financial statement is very important to a business and has the potential to impact whether its finances can be in order. These statements are prerequisites for success. However, not all business owners are capable or equipped to interpret them. Through our CFO services, you can understand financial statements better. You will also be equipped with the knowledge on how to use financial statements to make better business decisions.

Business Performance Assessment

You likely want to have an assessment of how your business has been performing. That is also a part of our CFO services for you. We would also grade your business’ financial health. Your business is going to receive detailed financial reporting. Included in the reports are key trends, ratios, as well as other financial data that your business needs. All of the financial information contained in the business performance review is relevant to how your small business operates.

Proper Development

Every small business wants to grow, develop and become successful. But as most small business owners know, it is never easy. The owners need to make the right business decisions and the conditions need to be just right. And they need to have enough resources to begin with. Like every small business, you will need these to get up and going and reach success. With our CFO services, you can learn all the tips and tricks to do it right.

Make Every  Dollar  Count For You

That’s what our CFO services are going to do for your business. And we truly believe that you deserve it as well. We will help you make it happen. And ease the way for you in the process.

Why You Need To Choose LYFE Accounting

Work With The Top CPAs

We will always stress the fact that our team is run and directed by CPAs. It’s something that we have to do because being a CPA is the highest certification that one can hope to attain in accounting. What it does for our clients is to give them a guarantee that we are indeed capable of taking care of their financial concerns. There is no need for you to entrust your finances to those who are not certified!

Guarantee Small Business Success

Our mission is to help small businesses succeed through our CFO services. To accomplish this, we implement a holistic approach. It’s part of what makes our services truly unique. And add that to the confidence that we have in bringing quality services to you and what we have is a winning combination of financial capability. Whatever issues that might come up, we will be able to deal with them for you. From planning your financial situation, to budgeting, and to resolving your tax issues, it’s something we are experienced and adept at.

Guarantee Small Business Success

Our mission is to help small businesses succeed through our CFO services. To accomplish this, we implement a holistic approach. It’s part of what makes our services truly unique. And add that to the confidence that we have in bringing quality services to you and what we have is a winning combination of financial capability. Whatever issues that might come up, we will be able to deal with them for you. From planning your financial situation, to budgeting, and to resolving your tax issues, it’s something we are experienced and adept at.

Experience World Class Customer Service

If there is one thing that we consistently try to strive for, it is to provide world class customer service to our clients. That means we want to give you the best strategic planning and technical service and support that we can provide. And we also put some effort in educating our clients. In order to help us do that, we provide helpful planning tools that can serve the business and improve it for the future. This, in addition to the reports that also come from us.

Achieve Financial Success Starting Today

The Best CFO Services For Your Business

Our Effective CFO Service  Process 

Initial Meeting With Your CFO Specialist

This would be your initial contact with the CFO specialist assigned to you. In this early stage of the process, our specialist would access and assess the present financial data of your business.

Create Benchmarks

One of the main services that we offer is developing benchmarks for you. It will be based on your goals, prior financial performance, as well as prevailing industry conditions.

Financial Performance Assessment

Our CFO specialist assigned to your business will perform an assessment. From there, a report of your actual financial performance is going to be made. This performance will be relative to the benchmarks that were set and are ongoing.


The CFO services that we provide are going to help you develop strategic goals and financial plans. Our team will try its best to make sure that you realize them all.

Monitoring and Consultation

We will provide ongoing support to you through our CFO services. Part of our support is the evaluation of your present strategy. We will help you revise it if and when it is needed. By effective monitoring, we will know exactly when to do this. There are going to be monthly meetings, planning, and phone assistance.

Hundreds of People  Choose LYFE 

“My experience with LYFE Accounting was nothing short of amazing. Krystal is professional, detail oriented, and truly cares about her clients. I will continue to use LYFE Accounting for all of my personal and business tax needs as well for my business bookkeeping needs.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are CFO Services And What Can It Do For My Business?

The CFO services that LYFE Accounting offers is a third party service that is designed to perform the duties of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Using a third party or outsourced services mostly benefits small businesses. They can enjoy quality financial oversight without having to spend too much. It’s certainly cheaper than if you hire a full time CFO. Or not as troublesome as assuming the duties of a CFO yourself.

Why Do You Need To Use Outsourced CFO Services?

Your number one incentive to use our CFO services is stress. Or rather, the fact that working with us means dealing with less stress for you with your financials. And managing your own financials can indeed be a stressful situation. Particularly if you have little experience and know how in doing so. Let us deal with the stress as you grow your business some more.

Is Bookkeeping Included In Your CFO Services?

Our accounting and bookkeeping services are offered as standalone services. Our CFO services, on the other hand, are add-on services. So if you want or need bookkeeping services, then you will need to get that as a separate service.

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