How Much Are Our Investment Advisement Services?

Investment Advisory Fees

Our financial advisement services are valued between 0.089% – 2% of assets under management. This fee range varies based on the value of assets we manage for you.

We don’t charge our clients hourly because we believe in value adding and work based pricing.

Our investment advisement services include a consultation with our investment advisors to gain an understanding of your goals and personal financial situation.

Fixed Pricing

Our financial advisement services fees are fixed.

Referral Program

We proudly serve our clients and deliver the highest quality work. For this reason, our clients frequently refer us to new clients. To show our appreciation, we offer our investment advisement services referral program. Current clients have the opportunity to get paid for every new client they refer to us! Contact us for more details!

What Does an Investment Advisor Do?

Investment advisors give advice on securities and other types of investments to clients. Securities include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement accounts, ETFs and more.

In addition to giving advice, investment advisors also manage and rebalance clients’ portfolios, depending on goals and market conditions.

An investment advisor makes recommendations based on the goals and investing style of the investor (you).

Investment advisors also perform different types of analyses to justify a particular recommendation.

Most people do not have a lot of knowledge on investments and the different types that exist but, still want the opportunity to invest in their future.  Which is why more and more people are choosing to hire an expert to help them navigate the investing world.

Value of Investment Advisement Services

You might question the cost of hiring an investment advisor considering it requires you to spend money in order to make more money. However, it is important to understand that hiring an investment advisor is an investment in of itself. With great investment planning, the possibilities of your financial future are endless.

An investment advisor helps you understand the possible risks and returns of a given investment. What you may see in the news and other outlets may not provide you with the full story of an investment. Instead, an investment advisor can provide you with more insight.

Benefits of Investment Advisement Services

The purpose of an investment advisor is to help you reach your investment goals by developing an investment portfolio. Most people don’t understand how investing works, let alone the options that are out there. With the enlisted help of an investment advisor, you can depend on their expertise.

An investment advisor can help with your retirement and investing goals. Most people don’t know when to buy or sell in the stock market. While an investment advisor can not predict the market, they can help you with developing a plan and sticking to it.

Hiring an investment advisor provides you with peace of mind that your investment plans are well thought out and suitable for you.

Because investment advisors have expertise in financial and investment products, they can recommend a plan specific and tailored to you. Even if an investment advisor does not know every detail of a particular investment, they are capable of conducting meaningful research for you. They know what to look for and how it can impact your financial future.

Having an investment advisor saves you time. Most people simply don’t have the time to learn, research, and plan for their financial future. Yet, doing these things can be the difference between having financial freedom or not. An investment advisor can and will spend the time learning your financial situation and developing a plan to reach your goals.

What to Expect When LYFE Accounting is Your Investment Advisor?

We help your goals become a reality. Expect a knowledgeable investment advisor who will work hard ensuring they have prepared the absolute best investment plan for you. Our goal is to help you reach financial freedom sooner rather than later and help you plan for every important milestone in your life.

Once we assign you an investment advisor, he or she assesses your current financial situation by examining all of your assets, liabilities, taxes, etc.

Once we know what you are working with, we can help you identify goals that are meaningful and realistic. We will then work to develop an investment plan based on these goals and advise on what type of investments are best for you. We will go over the plan with you and make updates accordingly. Once your plan is finalized, your investment advisor will follow up with you and give you ongoing support.

Why Use LYFE Accounting For Your Investment Advising Solutions?

LYFE Accounting is your trusted investment advisors.  We are experts in investment related matters and are equipped to serve all of your investing needs. We have the most efficient process to make your time with us hassle free. We never compromise on data security and you can be assured that your information is safe with us.

We deliver the best customer service and are responsive to all of your questions and concerns. Let us show you how simple and awesome it is to work with us!

Ready to relieve your financial headache? We are ready. Get in touch!